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"We believe that it is not possible to consistently 'beat the market'. Such activity merely adds speculative risk and unnecessary costs to your portfolio"

Our Philosophy

We have a number of core business and investment beliefs.

Our main objective is to become your trusted adviser with emphasis placed on Wealth Management and Wealth Preservation. We do not attempt to ‘beat the market’ instead our expertise aims to capture and lock in realistic and consistent returns without giving up security.

  1. We believe that Capital markets work, are efficient and, for investment purposes, assets are fairly priced.
  2. Risk and return are related and priced risk factors determine expected return, which is a rational reward for systematic risk.
  3. Diversification is essential and is the antidote to uncertainty.
  4. Structure explains performance - asset allocation principally determines results in a diversified portfolio.
  5. Funds within a Model Portfolio provide the best way to gain exposure to most asset classes. However, as we build bespoke portfolio's and to take advantage of tactical opportunities, we may utilise other investment vehicles to best meet your individual requirements.
  6. We will systematically rebalance your portfolio to reduce risk and increase long term returns